About Us

The Grow Texas Scholarship Program (GTSP) is focused on developing young leaders interested in entering the field of modern agriculture. From feeding and clothing the world, creating healthy and therapeutic environments to providing life-saving medical technology and the energy that heats and cools our homes, agriculture is a field of vast opportunity. Today, more than ever, agriculture needs not only farmers and ranchers, but also representatives in the areas of law, education, public relations, business and many other professions.

The unique mission of the GTSP is to encourage students to explore the diversity of agriculture — to seek ways to combine agriculture with academic interests and become advocates for agriculture in the workplace.


The Grow Texas Scholarship Program was established by a group of diverse stakeholders who believed a strong agriculture industry is necessary to ensuring access to the food, clothing, medicine and many other products that we use on a daily basis.

The founding board of directors represent the financial, legal, energy, retail, production agriculture and biotechnology sectors. The founding board of directors are:

Stan Ray, Farm Credit
Sara Tays, Oil and Gas Industry Consultant
Dya Campos, H-E-B
Monty Christian, Bayer-Crop Science
Jim Sartwelle, Texas Farm Bureau
Wil Galloway, Booth, Ahrens and Werkenthin
Todd Staples, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner & President of the Texas Oil and Gas Association, ex officio

Texas Agriculture

  • The impact of agriculture on the Texas economy is $100 billion annually.
  • Texas leads the nation in the production of cattle and calves, horses, sheep and goats, cotton, hay, wool and mohair.
  • Texas is a leading dairy state and produces enough milk each year to fill the Texas Rangers Ball Park in Arlington nearly eight times.
  • Cornstarch can be used to make biodegradable plastic for drink cups, tableware, and more. Texas growers expect to produce 294 million bushels of corn in 2010.
  • The Texas horticulture industry is a $19 billion industry.
  • Agriculture is the second-largest resource-based industry in Texas, producing about nine percent of the state gross product.